A school lab technician is on trial for the alleged rape of a university student he met on a night out.

David Day, 22, of Lower Hampton Road, Sunbury, denied rape when he appeared at Kingston Crown Court on February 26.

He is alleged to have pushed the woman, who he had met in a bar on a night out, on to a bed at his friend’s parents’ house in Kew and raped her.

Mr Day’s defence lawyer Steven Hadley claimed the pair had consensual sex.

The alleged victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was out with flatmates on January 11, 2013, when their group met Mr Day and a male friend, who they did not know.

After visiting a number of bars around London the alleged victim and her friend got split up from their group and got a taxi with the two men, back to the house in Kew, which the alleged victim claimed was not clear when they got in the car.

The four entered the house in Lichfield Road and, while two of the group spent the night together in a third storey bedroom, Mr Day locked the woman in another room and forced himself upon her, it was claimed in court.

The woman said: “I started to panic because he was completely naked.

“He said ‘You must have come back here for a reason’.

“He kept coming closer and closer to me. He kept looking at me and I said ‘Don’t come any closer’.”

She told the court Mr Day put his hands on her shoulders, pulled her hair and raped her in an ordeal lasting almost two hours.

The woman, who said she had a long-term boyfriend, cried in the dock as she gave her evidence.

She said: “It was such a shock because that’s so not me and I felt so violated that anyone would do that to me.”

A friend who gave evidence said there had been no flirtation between the alleged victim and Mr Day during the evening.

When she finally got free, she tried to find her friend in the house but could not, so left and found Kew Gardens station where she got on a Tube shortly after 6am on January 12, the court heard.

She went to St Thomas’s Hospital in Westminster, but left without seeing anybody because she was embarrassed and felt unclean, the court was told.

She returned home and washed herself for an hour before reporting the alleged incident to the police within the next few days, the court heard.

The trial continues.