People can get expert health and advice at a free healthy eating, nutrition and lifestyle event.

Public health consultant Anna Raleigh will be guest speaker and will focus on how people can live healthier and make better lifestyle choices.

A health fair at the beginning of the event will feature mini-health checks and give people the chance to meet expert health trainers and health champions.

People will also be able to sign up to free NHS services that can support them to achieve lifestyle changes including weight loss, stopping smoking or alcohol cut down programmes.

Medical director Rosalind Ranson said: “It’s important that people have access to the right information and support to help them lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. This event focuses on how people can achieve their lifestyle goals and how they can make the most of the free support available on the NHS.

“Making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can lead to massive improvements in health. We’ll be providing helpful tips and information on how people can do this.”

The event will take place in York House, Twickenham, from 6pm on Thursday, February 27.

To book a place, email, and for information visit