More than 70 children did battle in a primary school chess tournament.

Richmond Park Academy (RPA) hosted its third inter-primary school chess championship this month when eight primary schools battled it out to take the chess master title.

Ashley Whittaker, RPA’s chess challenge organiser, said: “We are delighted to have had so many children from the borough taking part and it is fantastic to have so many parents involved as well.

“Each year this competition just gets bigger and better.

“Attendance has grown over the last three years and the competition is getting tougher.

“Chess is an excellent game for expanding children’s ability to strategise and understand the thinking process, which is something that can be applied across all aspects of life.”

Schools that took part included Sheen Mount, East Sheen, Barnes, Mary Magdalene, Holy Trinity, Kew Riverside, Lowther and All Saints Putney.

The tournament was run by Tim Mortimer, East Sheen Primary School’s chess coach.