People in Richmond have been urged to improve care in schools for children with diabetes.

The Government has launched a consultation on how children with the condition should be supported in school and wants people to take part.

It has been launched in light of draft Government guidance into what all schools will be expected to do from September 2014 to support children with medical conditions such as asthma, epilepsy and type-1 diabetes.

Under the current system, many children with type-1 diabetes are prevented from meeting their academic potential because of lack of support, which excludes from school activities and places on school trips.

Roz Rosenblatt, Diabetes UK London region manager, said: “This consultation offers a huge opportunity to help ensure that all children are able to fully participate in their education, both here in Richmond and across the country.

“In some cases parents have even had to go into the school to administer insulin, which puts a huge strain, emotionally and financially, on their families.

“By taking part in the consultation, we can help ensure all children with type 1 diabetes get the support they need in school.”

The consultation can be completed online at