Celebrities including Nicole Scherzinger, Dermot O’Leary and Chris Robshaw created friendly characters for the rebrand of a Hampton charity.

The stars created a group of lively characters, called the Friendlies, for Shooting Star Chase to help break down the misconception that children’s hospices are sad and depressing places.

Each character uses a fingerprint concept to reflect the charity’s bespoke care for each family.

Hugo Taylor, who recently visited one of Shooting Star Chase’s two hospices, said: “What struck me the most was the positivity of the place in relation to the very serious side.

“There is a lot of love in the building – that’s the first thing I noticed. It’s a really beautiful place. The new brand looks great and the Friendlies are fantastic. I’m sure the children will love them.”

The new look was developed by global brand agency Fitch free of charge after agency director, Kevin Doherty, was supported by the hospice when his six-week-old son died.

He said: “We spent the last three weeks of Tommy’s life at the hospice and we were looked after incredibly well.

“Although it was a very sad time it was also one of the happiest times of my life because the hospice allowed me the experience to be a normal father for the first time.

“When I returned to work we talked about how we might be able to give something back and it turned out the charity were looking to start a rebrand project.

“Although there are sad stories within the hospices they are actually very happy places and I think what we have created is very reflective of that. We’re incredibly proud of it and we would be even without the personal connection.”