A record number of people visited Crane Park last month - even more than on a Sunday in July, 2012.

Friends of the River Crane’s (Force) survey showed more than 1,500 people visited the park at Meadway on January 19.

More than 75 per cent of those chose to extend their visit to or from Kneller Gardens, with more than 300 people visiting in a single hour.

At Dragonfly terrace, more than 400 people visited during the day, 23 per cent more than in the summer, on an hourly basis.

Rob Gray, chairman of Force, said: “Our latest survey confirms that Crane Park is an all-year-round asset very much valued by the local community.

“More and more people are enjoying the riverside environment.

“Even in the depths of winter, hundreds of people, families with children, cyclists, dog-walkers, take advantage of the high-quality open spaces afforded by the Crane.”