Victims of one of the worst hit flooding areas are being helped out by Twickenham fire crews.

Firefighters have been offering support to people stuck inside their homes due to the bad weather.

Crew manager Steve Mcghie said: “We are assisting wherever possible those who need help.

“We have been mainly helping out in Wraysbury but we are being mobilised to wherever needs assistance.

“We have got boats and are going to whoever needs something like food provisions for people who can’t leave their homes along with the army and other agencies.

“It looks like it is going to be a very busy weekend.”

Rain is forecast over the weekend and water levels in the Thames are expected to rise.

A flood warning remains in place at Hampton Wick and there is a flood alert at Teddington.

This week the Thames burst its banks near Hampton Court Bridge and the Riverside restaurant had to serve upstairs as water levels became dangerously high.

Mr Mcghie said: “We are making ourselves aware of what is going on in the area and we are putting ourselves in the best possible position to prepare for every eventuality.

“We are putting plans in place just in case things get worse here but while we do that we will assist our neighbouring brigade in the relief efforts for the floods.”

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