A fight that ended in the death of a student caused a 25-year-old life changing injuries, a court heard.

Scott Clutterbuck was chased and knocked to the floor by punches from James Hales and Patrick Lawless, who later died, during the brawl in Teddington High Street on November 10, 2012.

Kingston Crown Court heard Mr Clutterbuck spent 18 days in St George’s Hospital’s intensive care, high dependency and neurology units and suffered two bleeds to his brain, and a fractured neck, skull and jaw.

In a police statement read to the court, Mr Clutterbuck said he had little memory of the night and during his time in hospital he also contracted appendicitis.

He said: “I still don’t know when I will get my memory back. My memory is definitely not as good as it used to be.

“I don’t remember who or how I was assaulted. This attack was extremely serious and had had long term effects on my life. I don't see why someone should get away with this.”

The court heard Scott had multiple ongoing hospital appointments, was no longer able to drive or work and was prescribed antidepressants.

Mr Clutterbuck’s older brother, Daniel, gave evidence in court and told the jury he was drinking with his brother and a group of friends at the Royal Oak in Teddington.

Daniel said after seeing a group of people go out the pub he followed and went into the adjacent alleyway.

He said: “You couldn’t see much at first but you could see it was getting heated down there.

“A fight was about to start between my brother and James Hales.

“It was just a big group. There weren’t nothing going on for a little while then it suddenly went mad.”

Daniel said he thought Hales, who has admitted his part in the brawl, took his top off and was “jumping round like a mad man” who was angry and wanted a fight.

He told the court he tried to stop the confrontation and pull his brother out of a circle of men who he said were trying to make him to have a “one-on-one” fight.

He said: “It wasn’t as easy as that. There were a lot of them and not a lot of us. We were well outnumbered.”

Daniel said he remembered being kicked and punched and then found his brother lying unconscious on the floor and went to hospital in the ambulance with him.

Defending Patrick Conway, who denies a manslaughter charge relating to the death of Patrick Lawless, Charles Miskin, cross examined Daniel and suggested he had thrown and smashed a bottle or glass during the fight.

Mr Miskin said: “I am sure you were provoked by what you saw so you had a go didn’t you?”

Daniel said he did not remember throwing a glass or bottle and said he may have thrown a punch but it was to defend himself and his brother.

Mr Miskin said: “You didn’t want to say you got involved in fighting did you?”

Daniel said: “I didn’t think I did. It looks as if I got a kicking.”

The trial continues.


The defendants and charges in full

Five defendants face one charge of violent disorder each.

They are Aaron Noonan, 21, of Brick Farm Close, Richmond, Ben Axelrod, 26, of Station Approach, Epsom, Callum Hurley, 20, of Fulmer Close, Hampton, Max Mears, 19, of Temple Sheen Road, East Sheen, and Edward Barry Thompson-Membery, 22, of Pollard Street, Bethnal Green.

Patrick Conway denies one charge of manslaughter but has admitted one count of violent disorder.

Inigo Anderson denies one count of ABH.

James Hales has admitted one count of violent disorder, one count of grievous bodily harm and one count of wounding with intent.