Brothers who were allegedly attacked from behind during a mass brawl that ended in the death of a student have told a court their account of the tragic night.

Kieran Newport told Kingston Crown Court how he was hit over the head during the fight outside the Royal Oak in Teddington High Street on November 10, 2012. James Hales has admitted hitting Mr Newport over the head with a crutch. 

Mr Newport had been celebrating his friend Kane Smith’s 21st birthday with a group of mates including Scott Clutterbuck, who he said he saw arguing outside the pub with another man.

He said: “It was quite heated. They were both just shouting at each other. We tried to sort of stop it but they just kept arguing.”

Mr Newport told the court he got involved in the brawl when he saw his brother, Kevin, get attacked by two men.

He said: “I tried to get them off of him. I think I just kicked one of them off of him. I was just trying to protect him.

“I walked back out into the road and that’s when I got smashed over the head.”

Mr Newport told the court he did not know who had hit him or what they used but said he was left dazed and had to sit down.

The court heard Mr Newport was taken to hospital by ambulance and had 12 stitches for damage to his head.

Kevin Newport also told the jury there was an atmosphere in the Royal Oak before the fight started.

He said: “It was fine until there was another group of lads in there we had never seen before. I could tell there was a bit of an atmosphere in the pub.

“I wouldn’t say any words were exchanged or anything but in any situation you can see there was an atmosphere. It wasn’t relaxed.”

Kevin told the court Mr Clutterbuck was “coerced” out of the pub by four or five men and, when he followed them out, he saw Mr Clutterbuck being chased around a car.

He said there was swearing and commotion around Mr Clutterbuck, who was struck to the floor. When he went to see if his friend was OK he was hit from behind and fell to the ground.

Kevin told the court his brother’s friend, Ben Axelrod, helped him up and they walked away from the fight, which he described as “chaos”.


The defendants and charges in full

Five defendants face one charge of violent disorder each.

They are Aaron Noonan, 21, of Brick Farm Close, Richmond, Ben Axelrod, 26, of Station Approach, Epsom, Callum Hurley, 20, of Fulmer Close, Hampton, Max Mears, 19, of Temple Sheen Road, East Sheen, and Edward Barry Thompson-Membery, 22, of Pollard Street, Bethnal Green.

Patrick Conway denies one charge of manslaughter but has admitted one count of violent disorder.

Inigo Anderson denies one count of ABH.

James Hales has admitted one count of violent disorder, one count of grievous bodily harm and one count of wounding with intent.