The introduction of a restricted right-turn on a Twickenham road will only take place if “absolutely required”, according to Richmond Council.

The council is currently transforming the town centre but Transport for London (TfL) is weighing up a peak-time ban on right turns out of King Street.

TfL may decide a peak-time restriction at the junction for King Street, Water Lane and Church Street would be needed to maintain the rush hour traffic flows.

Councillor Chris Harrison, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “One of the key priorities for the area is to alleviate the traffic in King Street.

“Conscious of the need for residents to have access to their properties on the Embankment and Eel Pie Island, we have continued our monitoring of traffic to see if the peak-time restriction from King Street is actually needed.

“We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and only introduce the peak hour restrictions if absolutely necessary.”

He said in the event that restrictions were imposed, residents affected would have alternative access arrangements and that there were no plans to permanently close Water Lane.