A student who died after a fight on the night of his childhood friend’s 21st birthday was “off his nut” and had threatened to kill someone, a court heard.

St Mary’s University College student Patrick Lawless died after the brawl, which started outside the Royal Oak in Teddington and spilled up the High Street to Field Lane on November 10, 2012.

Witness Daniel Jenkinson was interviewed by police on November 13, at which time he knew Mr Lawless had died and two of his friends had been arrested.

Giving evidence at Kingston Crown Court today, he said Mr Lawless acted like “Superman” starting fights with everyone and at one point thought he may be targeted as Mr Lawless “squared up” to him.

The court heard in his police interview Mr Jenkinson said Patrick Conway’s girlfriend, Sally, told Mr Lawless he was embarrassing himself before Mr Lawless spat at her.

Mr Jenkinson said Sally stormed off annoyed with Mr Lawless and asked him to apologise but he refused and Mr Conway, who denies his friend’s manslaughter, asked Mr Lawless to go home.

The court heard in his interview Mr Jenkinson told officers Mr Conway said to Mr Lawless “can you just go home? I’m not even angry with you.”

Mr Jenkinson told police Mr Lawless asked Mr Conway to have a private word and the pair walked away. Mr Jenkinson said Mr Lawless had clenched fists and he heard him call Sally obscene names.

He said: “I was like, ‘What’s this? This is madness. Pat Lawless is off his nut’.

“Patrick Conway was saying ‘Please mate please calm down. You have just spat in my girlfriend’s face. I’m still not angry with you. Can you just sort yourself out?’

“I didn't even expect what was about to happen. I looked back and Pat Conway had obviously hit him.”

Mr Jenkinson said Mr Lawless slumped down and Mr Conway burst into tears and said ‘I have been trying to help you. Why did you do that to me?’.”

Another friend, Jordan Harmsworth, gave evidence in court and told the jury Sally had blood in her eyes and dripping down her face after Mr Lawless spat at her.

He said he got between the two Patricks with Mr Jenkinson to try to stop them fighting, but said they were moved out of the way so he did not see Mr Conway throw a punch.

He said: “After being nearly knocked over I couldn’t see. I didn’t see Patrick hit Patrick Lawless. I turned back round and Patrick Lawless was going to the floor.”

Mr Jenkinson told the court he saw Mr Lawless kick Scott Clutterbuck, who was lying unconscious on the floor, like a football and said Mr Lawless was drinking a spirit, E&J, which he called “evil juice”.

The court heard Mr Jenkinson and Inigo Anderson, who denies one charge of ABH after allegedly punching Mr Lawless before the two Patricks had their alleged fight, played for the National Physical Laboratory third-string football team together.

Mr Jenkinson said Mr Anderson did not want to fight and tried to walk away from Mr Lawless, who he said walked aggressively towards Mr Anderson with his fists clenched and raised his arm, which is when Mr Anderson punched him.

Mr Harmsworth said Mr Lawless wanted to fight Mr Anderson and said he was riled up and agitated and kept saying “me and you are going to fight”.

Mr Harmsworth told the court Mr Anderson’s punch must have been quick because he had to help Mr Lawless, who had stumbled over.

Mr Harmsworth said: “He was angry. He said ‘I’m going to kill you’. He said he was going to kill his parents.”