Agatha Christie fans will welcome the arrival of Black Coffee to the Richmond Theatre stage.

In the first play ever written by Agatha Christie, the audience are introduced to a character who went on to become the most famous detective of all time and the only fictional character ever to receive a full-page obituary in the New York Times.

The play, which sees Robert Powell take on the role of Poirot, sees an English country estate thrown into chaos following the murder of eccentric inventor Sir Claud Amory, and the theft of his new earth-shattering formula.

Arriving at the estate just moments too late, Poirot immediately senses a potent brew of despair, treachery and deception amid the estate’s occupants.

Black Coffee; Richmond Theatre; February 10 to 18; 7.30pm and 2.30pm Wednesday s and Saturdays; £10 to £37.90; or 0844 8717651.