A family who cancelled their Christmas to look for their lost dog are in mourning after her body was found washed up by Chiswick Bridge.

The Dowding family lost their four-year-old pet Lily, a black labrador, on Christmas Eve in Crane Park, Twickenham.

They thought she may have been snatched or fallen into the river.

The family, from Sunbury, went on a mammoth search since her disappearance and were left devastated after her body was found on February 1.

Alex Dowding wrote on Twitter: “It’s with deep sadness I must inform you that our gorgeous Lab Lily’s body has found today washed ashore by Chiswick Bridge.

“Myself and my family can't thank you all enough for the support you've given by retweeting and sending you love.

“We ask that you give us some time to grieve and mourn her loss. Thank you again. Twitter really is a community.”