Cash will not be accepted on buses from this summer, Transport for London has announced.

The decision comes after a public consultation late last year where about a third of the 37,000 respondents agreed with the proposal to remove cash fares.

And about three quarters of responses came from people who said they do not pay cash fares on buses.

TfL says it is bringing in measures to make the transition to the new system as smooth as possible for passengers.

These include a one more journey feature on Oyster.

This will allow people who do not have enough credit on their card for a single bus fare, but who have a positive balance, to make one more bus journey before they have to top up their card.

The Oyster ticket stop network is going to be reviewed to see if additional locations can be identified.

And there will be a public information campaign to increase awareness of the benefits of contactless payment cards and Oyster pay as you go.