Teddington fought back at a book that pokes fun at their town this week.

Light-hearted book, Crap Towns Returns, identified the country’s 50 least desirable locations and named London as the worst place to live in the UK with Teddington taking some of the blame.

The book, a self-styled “genuine rough guide” to the UK, featured two contributors who nominated Teddington for inclusion.

The first, known as Steerforth, grew up in Teddington, which he described as “completely soulless” and a “very dreary, overpriced suburb”.

He since said his comments were a deliberate attempt to provoke a reaction and get people talking about what makes a town succeed or fail.

The second contributor, Fred White, has lived in Teddington for 22 years and said it was full of “corporate middle-managers with their fertile wives who appear unable to get to Starbucks without the aid of a 4x4”.

He said: “Given the dosh these fools pay for a Victorian semi with rising damp it’s no wonder there’s not a single decent restaurant around here. I assume most of hubby’s salary goes on servicing the mortgage and the school trips for their overweened little darlings.”

The controversial comments caused a stir in Teddington, which was shortlisted in the top 10 high streets across the country by the Telegraph last year.

John Turner tweeted: “We know how lovely it is and what a great place it is to live.”

Richard Keogh tweeted: “Clearly have never set foot in the town. We should invite them for lunch at Retro or any of the other great places. Idiot.”

Totally Locally Teddington celebrates the independent shops and businesses of the town and owner Tracey Wardhaugh defended its honour.

She invited both contributors to challenge their beliefs and enjoy a meal at one of the Teddington restaurants taking part in the forthcoming fiverfest fortnight, even offering a free glass of prosecco if they went to Shambles.

She said: “With its prime location next to the River Thames on one side, Bushy Park on the other, outstanding Ofsted-rated schools, leafy avenues, a buoyant property market and a thriving town centre filled with unique, independent shops, it was no wonder proud Teddington locals reacted with a mix of surprise, indignation and amusement to learn that Teddington had been featured in the latest edition of Crap Town Returns.”

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