A crematorium raised more than £20,000 by recycling metals from cremations.

The South West Middlesex Crematorium Board raised the money for the past three years for Princess Alice Hospice, in memory of former crematorium manager Brian Keep, who was a patient there.

Teresa Kearney, superintendent/registrar at the crematorium, handed the latest fundraising cheque for £3,472 last week.

She said: “We are delighted to continue our support of Princess Alice Hospice.

“This vital local cause supported our friend Brian - it is wonderful that we can return each year with more donations in his memory.

“We are proud that we are supporting other patients and helping to ensure they get the same level of support that Brian and his family received.”

The metals, which include nails in coffins and orthopaedic implants, are extracted and recycled after a cremation and only with the permission of the bereaved family.

The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management recycle the metals and all money is donated to death-related charities of the crematorium’s choice.

The recycling scheme is common across European countries and aims to promote the recycling of metals which would otherwise be buried for environmental reasons and to avoid using up valuable space in crematoria.