The decision to cut funding from a Twickenham family drop-in centre has been defended.

Richmond Council’s cabinet member for schools, Councillor Paul Hodgins, was asked why the authority withdrew funding from the Riverside family afternoon drop-in centre at York House.

Coun Hodgins said the council had to ensure it protected essential services and there were alternative options for families, so decided to stop the funding.

He said: “We looked in the area for comparable services to the Riverside drop-in service and felt there were good alternatives for families so felt it was best to protect the essential services.

“We did look at others. There are other council funded services within walking distance of this.”

Liberal Democrat Councillor Jennifer Churchill asked if any other similar cuts had been made.

Coun Hodgins said: “We have looked at them all and this is the decision we have made and no further closure is planned.”

The question was raised at a full council meeting in York House, in Twickenham, on Tuesday, January 21.