A committed fundraiser has reached the £1m mark in his charitable efforts.

Ray Perrin has dedicated his time to organising fundraisers, events and stalls at places like Richmond’s May Fair to raise money for people at home and abroad who are in need of help.

The 80-year-old was born in Fulham but has lived in Langdale Close, East Sheen, for the past 20 years, and has thrown himself into community issues.

The £1m he has raised during his lifetime helped charities including the British Heart Foundation, Children with Aids, Richmond Environment Trust, Mencap, where he is a trustee, and his own charity Children of Latin America.

Mr Perrin had an interesting and varied career, working in the showbiz world as an agent, coaching table tennis, and refereeing football games, before deciding to dedicate his time to helping others.

He was honoured for his efforts at Richmond Council’s community awards last year and has vowed to continue his hard work.

He said: “I am a controversial figure and I like to help other people, particularly children, although I am a bachelor.

“I have had quite a career.

“I am not packing up, I am still continuing.”