An iconic bakery in Kew will feature on a Jamie Oliver television show next week.

The TV chef, along with farmer pal Jimmy Doherty, filmed at the bakery opposite Kew Gardens in the summer where they learned about the Maids of Honour Tart for their show Friday Night Feasts.

The show, which explores Britain’s forgotten foods, will be shown on Channel 4 at 8pm on Friday, January 24.

Dean Martin, managing director of the Original Maids of Honour, said: “The programme is trying to bring to attention historic foods that are going off the map a little and of course they came to us because we are the only people in the country that do the Maids of Honour tarts.”

The recipe of the tarts, which date back to the 1500s and were enjoyed by Henry VIII, has been kept a closely guarded secret for years.

During the visit the 15-minute meals whizz added a twist to the classic tarts and organised a tea party on Richmond Green, where 150 people, including the borough’s mayor, enjoyed the tarts on a long table in the sunshine.

Mr Martin said: “What was nice about the filming what that Jimmy Doherty went round in an open top bus collecting lots of people so there are quite a lot of local people involved.”