Cleanliness and infection control, supporting workers and coordinating with other health providers were problems identified by inspectors at West Middlesex Hospital.

This week the Care Quality Commission (CQC) released its new-style inspection report for the hospital in Twickenham Road, which was visited by inspectors in November.

Inspectors found three of the 10 standards the Government said people have the right to expect needed improvement.

A Richmond Healthwatch spokesman said: “West Middlesex University Hospital has given us good access to their patients and as a result have heard from many patient stories in the past year.

“Many people praised the hospital and its staff but some voiced concerns. The CQC report finds similar causes for concern regarding communication, discharging patients home and, when things go wrong, about the care they received. In addition the concerns about cleaning and infection control and the lack of clinical supervision identified present minor or moderate risks to patients.

“As the local patient watchdog we welcome the CQC’s inspection of West Middlesex University Hospital. At a time of increasing pressures on the NHS we expect that the hospital will respond positively to this report by working on the areas it needs to improve.”

A spokesman for West Mid said: “We are pleased that the CQC has recognised the many good aspects of our care for patients and that the majority of feedback they received from people who use our service and their representatives was positive.

“We take the recommendations very seriously and since the CQC inspection in November 2013 we have developed action plans to address all the issues raised by the commission.”

The report said all standards were met in seven other areas - respecting and involving patients, care and welfare, nutrition, safeguarding people from abuse, staffing, complaints and assessing and monitoring quality of services.

The hospital was included in the CQC’s early waves of inspections because it was judged to be at risk of providing poor patient care, according to the CQC’s new intelligent monitoring system.

West Middlesex Hospital’s intelligent monitoring report revealed performance in six areas posed a risk to patients and in a further two areas posed an elevated risk.

The hospital was one of 20 assigned in band two by the CQC, with one representing the most worrying and six the least.