A man received a fine of nearly £500 and a three-month curfew after he assaulted and racially abused staff at a Whitton pizza shop.

Keith Briscomb, of Bourne Close, Isleworth, punched Mohammed Behbood, manager at TW2 Pizza, and hurled racist abuse at the staff, threatening to “kill and beat you all” on July 12, last year.

He was given a total fine of £480 and received a three-month curfew at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, January 15.

Magistrate Rabbi Danny Rich said: “We have listened carefully to the evidence following this ugly incident.

“You will be punished by a curfew which you must abide by or it may come to haunt you - the alternative is to go to prison.”

The incident was at about 9pm after Briscomb became embroiled in a row with a delivery driver over parking.

Employees Bashir Wafai and Syed Aziz intervened along with Mr Behbood, telling Briscomb to mind his own business unless he worked for the council or the police.

The 50-year-old, who has spent his life in the IT trade but not worked since 2004, walked away before returning minutes later with his partner, when he racially abused the Nelson Road shop’s staff.

Prosecuting solicitor Frances Lockhart said: “In his rage, he threw a punch at Mr Behbood across his face which caused redness.

“A scuffle ensued before they were separated by customers and staff.”

She told the court that Briscomb, who lives with his partner and 12-year-old daughter, also pushed over a receipt printing machine, causing damage valued at £250.

His £480 total fine included £320 in prosecution costs, a £60 victim surcharge, £50 compensation for Mr Behbood and £50 to the damaged machine’s owner.

The curfew restricts his movements between 8pm and 7am on all days except Thursdays, when it is extended until 10am, only if he is taking his daughter to her church group.

Magistrate Rabbi Rich added: “Your daughter need not be punished because of your stupidity.”