Zac Goldsmith will fight to retain his seat in Richmond Park and North Kingston for the Conservatives in the 2015 General Election.

He was re-selected as the constituency’s parliamentary candidate by unanimous vote last night.

The MP, a former editor of the Ecologist Magazine, has been at the forefront of anti-Heathrow expansion lobbying and has put pressure on the Government to introduce a recall bill for unpopular or corrupt MPs.

He said: “I have lived at the heart of this constituency for virtually my entire life, and it has been an extraordinary privilege to be able to represent it in parliament, holding the Government to account on behalf of my home community.

“I am thrilled that my association has chosen to re-select me to stand at the next General Election, and I hope voters will also want me to continue standing up for them in parliament for another term.”

He defeated Liberal Democrat Susan Kramer by 4,094 votes in May 2010.

Leader of Richmond Council Lord True said: "Zac Goldsmith is an outstanding local MP.

"Bright, intelligent, committed and honest, he cares deeply about the community he serves.

"Independently-minded, he can be relied on absolutely to fight for the interests and welfare of all local people.

"I very much look forward to continuing to work with him to support all residents of Richmond."

Mr Goldsmith will face competition from Liberal Democrat Robin Meltzer, who was selected in February.