After recent heavy rain and flooding in the borough, the Richmond Environment Trust is to host an event to discuss local and global water issues, the Thames and the River Crane.

Dr Stuart Downward, an expert in sustainable development and the environment from Kingston University, will talk about the demand for fresh water worldwide, how it is harvested, and the pressure on aquifers and pollution.

He will tell the story of the Thames being a freshwater supply for London.

Rob Gray, chairman of the Friends of the River Crane Environment, will bring the issues closer to home by discussing the River Crane and its surroundings.

He will discuss its history and set out a vision for its future.

Gray says: “More people are starting to discover their local environment, possibly an effect of economics – people don’t rush off to exotic locations anymore.

“But at the same time we’ve had some terrible pollution events in the River Crane over the last three years.”

Aircraft de-icer containing glycol from Heathrow, for instance, causes havoc when it gets into the river.

Troubled Water; Duke Street Church, Richmond TW9 1DH; February 27, 7pm to 9pm; £10, £8 for members and students; call the Environment Trust office on 020 8891 5455 or email