People are being warned to remain alert as the risk of flooding continues.

The Environment Agency said the River Thames was expected to rise further and said communities along the river could experience further flooding over the weekend.

The highest levels are expected in Teddington, where flood warnings have been issued.

The warning means flooding of property is to be expected and people should take action to prepare.

People are being urged sign up for free flood warnings, check on elderly neighbours and move valuables to safety.

People are also urged to avoid driving or walking through flood water because fast-flowing water just 15cm deep can knock an adult off their feet.

Howard Davidson, Environment Agency director for the south-e East, said: “River levels will continue to rise for the next few days and we expect to see further property flooding over the coming days.

“We’re paying close attention to the River Thames, particularly below Abingdon, through Berkshire and into Surrey.

“We are expecting that many more properties will flood over the next two to three days, but there is still time for people to take appropriate action.

“We have had warnings and alerts in place for several days, which stress that flooding is imminent, and now is the time for people to act.

“Environment Agency teams continue to work to work around the clock maintaining flood defences, clearing watercourses and deploying pumps and temporary defences to protect communities at risk, but we want to stress to residents that they need to act.”

For more information visit or call floodline on 0845 9881188.