Floating debris is causing problems due to flooding this morning.

Lower Ham Road has been in covered in up to two feet of water following heavy rainfall in the borough.

Resident John Parrish has had his car tires punctured by nails in the stream.

He said: “It is quite flooded. Our cellar is getting some water in it which we are having to pump out. It is annoying.

“We can only come in and leave at one direction. We can only get out towards Richmond and then come back on ourselves again.

“There is so much debris in the road – nails, bits of wood. You try and drive past everything but there is just so much that has come out of the river.

“I would not recommend anyone to drive through the whole way down the road until the council will come and clean it up.”

Earier this week the Environment Agency issued a flood warning for Kingston upon Thames and Richmond upon Thames.

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