A dedicated swimming coach ticked another challenge off his list when he took part in a 24-hour swim marathon.

Adam Ackland, who teaches at Hampton Pool, swam non-stop from 3pm on December 22 until the same time the following day to raise money for Breast Cancer.

Children from Great Whites swimming club and Teddington Masters, who the 37-year-old instructor teaches, swam 10km alongside him and raised money for different charities including Shooting Stars and Bangladesh Appeal.

He said: “I am so proud of the kids from the Great Whites who all responded with such enthusiasm to the idea.”

Mr Ackland, who lives in Hampton Court, has swum the channel and back and won four medals at the Masters Nationals in Sheffield.

Lorna Voogd, a parent who supervised the children during the swim, praised Mr Ackland for his tireless attempts at such challenges.

She said: “For him, it was all about the kids. He has done so many things last year – swam at national level, open water swimming, as well as teaching and coaching.

“There was a lot going on over the course of the swim because I was looking after the kids for the first part of it. It was really good.”