An amputee who lost her leg after her Wellington boot got trapped in an escalator is preparing to fulfil her lifelong dream of skiing.

Georgy Evans was three years old when doctors amputated her leg, which was dragged into the escalator of a Kensington High Street store and was trapped between the side and the moving steps.

The 48-year-old from Kew spent years coming to terms with the psychological and physical difficulties of having one leg but was offered a lifeline in the form of a newly developed prosthetic.

Abdo Haidar, consultant prosthetist at the London Prosthetic Centre in Kingston, suggested she tried a carbon fibre prosthesis and pioneering silicone gel stump socks.

The combination allowed Mrs Evans to walk and run as far as she wanted without experiencing any blisters on her stump or any need to recover afterwards.

The property lawyer’s new found freedom gave her the confidence to embark on new challenges, including scuba diving and horse riding.

She also took part in the BBC programme Beyond Boundaries, pushing herself to the limits of endurance trekking, climbing mountains, cutting through jungles and kayaking rivers across Africa.

But Mrs Evans had always wanted to be able to ski so went back to the London Prosthetic Centre to see if they could help her hit the slopes.

She said: “I tried skiing several years ago with my everyday prosthesis, and it proved to be extremely difficult.

“I saw an article about how Heather Mills had overcome this and other challenges through the use of a specialist skiing prosthesis from the London Prosthetic Centre, and was delighted to find that Abdo could develop a similar leg for me.”

Doctor Haidar worked with Mrs Evans to develop a prosthesis that meets her exact requirements and she is now looking forward to hitting the slopes.

He said: “Georgy is a truly remarkable person, who is living life to the full and always taking on new challenges.

“It’s been a pleasure working with her, and we look forward to seeing her continue to achieve so much.”