Police are seeking help to help identify a large quantity of jewellery recovered during a warrant execution.

More than 600 items, including jewellery, rings and watches of high value, were seized during a warrant at a cash brokers in Staines in September, and police are now seeking to return the items to their owners.

It is believe the items may have come from burglaries or thefts carried out across boroughs in Surrey, including Elmbridge, and London in recent months.

Detective Superintendent John Bosher said: “It is vital that we trace the rightful owners of the recovered items as quickly as possible so I am urging members of the public to look at the online pictures of the items and let us know if they recognise anything.

“We are particularly keen to speak to anyone who has been a victim of crime or who knows anyone who has been the victim of a burglary or theft across Surrey or in surrounding areas such as south-west London, in the past year.

“Many of these items are very valuable, and are also likely to hold great sentimental value to those who have lost them, so it would be great to give them some good news and ensure they get their property back.

“We would also like to hear from anyone who used the shop to legitimately borrow cash under a ‘28 day buy back scheme' as these items will have also been recovered in the seizure.

“This case highlights our commitment to relentlessly pursue those involved in burglary or the subsequent handling of property stolen from burglaries.”

To view the recovered items, visit pinterest.com/surreypolice.

Anyone who recognises any of the items or anyone who has information about where they came from should call Surrey Police on 101, quoting reference SL/13/6343, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.