London's Air Ambulance has launched a campaign to help fund a second helicopter to give more injured people a fighting chance of survival.

Statistics show the service treated 1,819 patients last year, with 65 of them being in the Croydon area, so on its 25th birthday (January 9) the charity has launched a fundraising drive.

As well as the second helicopter it wants to hire more pilots and fire crew to extend its daylight flying hours in the summer months.

If it can raise the money it estimates it will be able to reach around 400 more patients a year by aircraft.

London’s Air Ambulance chief executive Graham Hodgkin said: "We urge the people and businesses of London to sign up as regular supporters to the charity to help us save more lives together."

The air ambulance serves the 10 million people who live, work and holiday within the M25.

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