Multimillion pound improvement work in Twickenham will enter its next phase over the coming weeks.

Since June 2013, work has been undertaken in York Street which has seen the installation of York stone footways from the junction at King Street, as far as Sion Road.

Earlier this year, Richmond Council agreed a final design for Twickenham, aiming to create better quality streets and reduced traffic.

This month, improvements in Heath Road and Cross Deep begin, moving into King Street in the spring.

The work will include pavement widening, improved crossing points with pedestrian countdown, cycle lanes, new bus stops and replacement of street furniture.

Work likely to cause disruption will be carried out during off-peak hours and weekends, with shop access to be maintained throughout.

Councillor Chris Harrison, cabinet member for highways, said: “Twickenham has seen a gradual decline in recent years and in all our surveys and consultations over the past few years, residents have almost unanimously voiced their concern.

“Over the past few months the work to improve York Street has really transformed the area.”