Hailed as the most famous Stones band by Mick Jagger, fans of the iconic rock band will welcome the Counterfeit Stones to the borough.

The theatre production is a mockumentary of the Rolling Stones’ history from 1962 and will be the band’s fifth year in Richmond.

Singer Steve Elson, who plays Nick Dagger in the band says: “It will show how the Stones have changed from 1962 right up to the present day.

“There are five different sets with all the costumes and songs to match.”

During the show, the band will roll through the most famous hits, as well as provide a dollop of spinal tap humour.

In between scenes the audiences will see films of band members acted out, providing humour and hypothetical situations the band could have been in.

Elson says: “There is a lot of humour. The music is not mucked around with, it is all in the original key.”

The band have been touring for 23 years and their show has taken them all over the world and they have performed at Buckingham Palace.

Elson, who will assume the persona of Mick Jagger for the entire show, will play a 19-year-old then grow into a 60-year-old as the show reaches its climax.

He says: “We are expecting a really mixed audience. A lot of people who may not be Stones fans will come and realise how many hits they had.

“Obviously there will be Stones fans along with people who enjoy music and theatre.”

The Counterfeit Stones; Richmond Theatre; January 25; £20.90 to £29.90; atgtickets.com.