A filmmaker who took his short movie filmed in Twickenham around the world is now preparing for his next project.

James Webber, who lives next to Twickenham Stadium, toured his short film Driftwood around the international film circuit.

The 33-year-old said: “It won an award at the Cannes Film Festival and being a film lover it’s been a dream come true.”

The writer and director is now concentrating on his next film, which will again be shot mainly in Twickenham by the Shot Tower near the River Crane, and is trying raise £8,000 to fund the project.

Off the success of Driftwood, donations have flooded in and Mr Webber and his team are £400 off their target.

He said: “It has gone fantastically well.

“The new film, Soror, is quite different to anything I have ever done before.

“I am really excited it is the biggest thing I have ever worked on and I am raring to go.

“Driftwood has been to more than 50 events and festivals overall and we feel with this film we have the potential to do even better.

“It’s even more ambitious - dramatically, and creatively.”

Soror follows the lives and relationships of two half-sisters and explores the passion to pursue dreams and look to the future.

To find out more about the film or to donate some money towards the project, visit indiegogo.com/projects/soror.

Driftwood is now available to buy on iTunes.