Scottish singer-songwriter Dean Owens cannot wait to return to Twickenham’s Cabbage Patch next month following the release of his latest album.

Having wowed crowds at the venue earlier this year, the soulful singer will be performing a repertoire of tracks from Cash Back: Songs I Learnt from Johnny, as well as his own tunes.

Talking of the inspiration he has drawn from the legendary country singer, Owens admits he has always looked up to him.

He says: “I have always admired him and what he achieved throughout his career.

“He was a genius despite obviously facing the trials and tribulations that he did.”

Owens’ latest release features mostly him covering Cash tracks and he is excited to perform the songs at a venue he has fond memories of.

He says: “I played there back in February and it was my first time there but it was a really great night, it’s a good crowd.

“This time around I’m supported by Ags Connolly, who is definitely worth coming along to see as well.

“I’m very much a singer-songwriter, that is what I do and I am really looking forward to the gig.”

Dean Owens at Drumfire Live; the Cabbage Patch, London Road, Twickenham; November 1; tickets £10 in advance; visit for tickets and more information.