A colourful crocheting craze has reached the streets of Teddington and put a smile on people’s faces.

A parking sign in Bridgeman Road, Teddington, blossomed into a flower after the Easter weekend after being decorated in a knitted cover by a mystery craft connoisseur.

The woolly creation is an example of yarnbombing or guerrilla knitting, which is a type of street art that creates colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn.

Often dozens of balls of wool are used to make sleeves or cosies for everyday objects including cars, trees, park benches and lampposts and are sometimes completed under the cover of darkness.

The colourful creation sparked the interest of passersby who took photos of the flower and posted them online.

Twitter user Charlotte Borger posted: “Who was the wonderful person in Teddington who crocheted this extraordinary outfit for a road sign? Made my day.”

Mark Wardman said: “Guerrilla knitting is now my favourite thing ever.”

Examples of the art were first recorded in 2004 in the Netherlands but the phenomenon is thought to have originated in the US and has now spread across the world.

Yarnbombers also hit in Surbiton over the Easter weekend, coating a roundabout in colourful knitted patterns after members of the community crocheted different fruits, which were made into bunting.

The yarnbomb was part of the lead up to the Surbiton Food Festival but organisers said they did not know who had made the Teddington creation.

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