A mound of chocolate was handed to children at Shooting Star Chase Hospice last week, following a chocolate amnesty of unwanted Christmas treats.

Chris Hipsey from Plan B Fitness Camps spear headed the chocolate amnesty, encouraging people to donate any unwanted or excess sweets, chocolates or other presents to charity.

Children at the hospice in Hampton were delighted to receive the chocolate on Wednesday, February 6, when Mr Hipsey and Natalie Less, from Plan B Fitness, delivered the goodies.

Mr Hipsey said: “Both Natalie and I really enjoyed our tour of the hospice finding out about the amazing work and facilities provided by the charity.

“It was great to meet the staff and children as well, and we had great fun handing over the treats to the kids and posing for the photos. I think the staff had their eyes on the chocolate more than the kids though. However, they deserve it for the amazing work they do.

“Plan B Fitness Camps and our members will definitely be support the charity again in the near future through our charity fitness camp open days, and other fun initiatives that our members think up.”

Members came up with the idea for the chocolate amnesty before Christmas when talking about how to deal with the amount of chocolate they would be surrounded by during the festive period.

Mr Hipsey said: “The chocolate amnesty helps everyone. Shooting Star Chase will benefit by getting some unexpected gifts and the donators can get healthier as a result.”

Shooting Star Chase cares for more than 600 families living in west London, Surrey and West Sussex. For more information, visit shootingstarchase.org.uk.