A 158-year-old cricket club is seeking a final sponsor to complete a new clubhouse that will rise from the ashes of its razed original.

Hampton Hill Cricket Club (HHCC) have overcome one of the toughest seasons in their history by raising funds to replace their Bushy Park headquarters, destroyed by arson in 2010.

Members are now looking for a someone to donate up to £800 to cover the cost of installing a clock on the new building, which is due to be completed by April.

Project manager Kevin Rice said: “The building design has always envisaged a clock on the front but now it is obvious to all where it should go and the contractors have added their own bit of artwork just to make the point.

“People might think it is just a pavilion but it has been a complicated project with special requirements given its location in a royal park and this has added significantly to the rebuild costs.

“On top of that, we have had to deal with some pretty adverse weather conditions this winter.”

Players were devastated by the blaze, which destroyed memorabilia including trophies, old scoreboards and pictures of cricket teams dating back to the 1920s.

But they were determined not to let it be the end of the historic club and launched a successful fundraising campaign to raise more than £70,000.

Club president Dave Mackinney said extra funds were still needed to help repay a loan.

He said: “There are other sponsorship opportunities but we just thought here is a unique opportunity for someone to be remembered and for it to be seen by all.

“It is a lovely chance for someone to be able to walk past with family and friends and say ‘I did that’.”

At the time of the fire police believed it was started intentionally after a pile of papers were found in the doorway of the club and firefighters discovered someone had forced entry.

For more information, visit hamptonhillcricket.co.uk or email hamptonhillcc@sky.com.