A 29-year-old Playboy model had to climb a tree when she got stuck in the floods by Richmond riverside when out for a run this week.

Terrified Kerri Parker was left stranded on Wednesday for nearly an hour by the Thames between Richmond and Kew, before managing to wade to safety in Twickenham Road.

Watch Kerri's dramatic video:

Miss Parker, who lives in Richmond, LA and Norwich and has featured in Playboy and FHM High Street Honeys, was shocked that at some points the water was up to her chest.

She said: “I thought I was going to have to swim. There was a massive tree branch and I thought ‘I’ll sit on this for a while’ and though it would wash away but it just kept getting deeper and deeper. I rang my mum and told her I was in a tree.”

She went for her run at about 3.30pm and did not get out of the water until 5pm after the whole south side of the river flooded with water racing over the banks of the Thames.

She said: “The current was so strong I was terrified I was going to be swept away. I had branches hitting my legs.”

Miss Parker, who filmed her surroundings on her mobile phone, said friends from America who saw the video compared the scenes to Hurricane Sandy.

Following the ordeal she took herself to Accident and Emergency as she felt cold and weak, where doctors told her she was suffering from shock.

She said: “I feel really bruised and battered – like I have just been in a boxing match.”

The incident comes just over a month after three women and a dog were stranded on the towpath by Richmond and rescued by fire rescue boats.

The Port of London Authority has advised people to check the height of tides to avoid getting stranded or their cars being flooded.

A spokesman said: “It is a tidal river and you will get flooding in certain areas – Richmond Lock for example.

"People should check the times on our website pla.co.uk. Not only people going out jogging, but people parking their cars near the river because certain parts are prone to flooding.”