A pensioner who was conned by a bogus builder was overwhelmed when kind-hearted tradesmen came to her rescue.

The 86-year-old was swindled out of £300 by a man who offered to fix her roof and claimed to work for A1 Loft Conversions, who were doing repair works on her neighbour’s home.

The Richmond woman became suspicious when the man failed to return, so she approached the builders next door who said he was not from their company and phoned the police.

She said: “I genuinely thought he was one of them from next door.

“I have a carer but he wasn’t here that day he was away and it was my fault I let him in.

“It really happened so quickly it was a bit of a shock. It’s awful. It shakes you up a bit. It’s a nasty feeling."

After hearing of the incident, owner of A1 Loft Conversions Steve Mills decided to surprise the pensioner with a bunch of flowers, a £300 cheque and has offered to fix her roof free of charge.

The Sydney Road resident said: “I don’t believe it. It’s made my day. I think it’s beautiful. It’s lovely of them, they have been so generous.

“I am quite staggered. Knocked sideways.”

Mr Mills said if it was his mother who had been targeted he would have wanted her to get the same treatment and warned people his company never approached householders uninvited.

He said: “She deserves to enjoy a peaceful retirement without the stress of feeling unsafe in her own home.

“We are doing all we can to demonstrate that we care and support her efforts to protect others.”