A man who fell off his motorbike with his child, who he allowed to ride pillion wearing a ski helmet, has been fined.

Pavel Cervinka, 36, of Cedars Road, Hampton Wick, pleaded guilty to abetting injury after he let his five-year-old daughter wear the helmet, which was clearly marked as unsuitable for use on motorbikes.

Richmond Magistrates’ Court heard the Czech Republic national and his daughter fell off the BMW motorbike after an oncoming car forced him to brake heavily on the Richmond Bridge roundabout.

The father and daughter, who were enjoying a day out at Bushy and Richmond Park, both escaped without injury after the incident near the junction with Ormond Road at 7.50pm on August 2, last year.

Sunyana Sharma represented Cervinka and said the accident was not his fault and he had slowed down in time to prevent a crash.

She said: “He would be the first person to say that by him there was a severe error in judgement.

“The consequences of this could have been far more serious than they actually were.”

Cervinka was ordered to pay a total of £330 in fines when he appeared at Richmond Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, January 8.