A Welsh Kew pensioner will celebrate her 105th birthday on Saturday, January 5.

Muriel Wood, who was born in Wales in 1908, lives at Cecil Court in Priory Road, where she will be celebrating with her family.

Mrs Wood used to work as a cashier at Swansea’s Albert Hall where she met her husband, Cyril, when he would wait outside the cinema and walk her home.

They married in 1934 and had two children, Paul, who died in 2003, and Dorothy.

She lived in Swansea most of her life, before moving in with her grandfather until he died, then to Ipswich before moving to a flat in Mortlake at the age of 72.

As she got older, her eyesight started to deteriorate so she moved into Cecil Court in May 2007.

Her daughter Dorothy said her mother was thrilled to receive her card from the Queen when she turned 100.

She said: “She didn’t want a big fuss, but was thrilled to receive her card.

“She spent the day having a big lunch with her extended family in Barnes, which was followed by a lovely tea and cake afternoon, put on by the staff at Cecil Court.

“She is looking forward to receiving her next card when she achieves 105.”

Cecil Court manager Fiona Saadat said the home would put on live music for the residents to celebrate Mrs Wood’s birthday.

She said: “At 3pm we have live music – somebody is coming. We will have traditional old songs and refreshments for the residents as well so they can have tea and cake and her family are coming as well.”