The sons of the legendary Mick Green from The Pirates will be at the Eel Pie Club next week.

Not only will the Green Brothers be performing, but in honour of their appearance, Johnny Spence of The Pirates will be joining the band as a special guest.

In 2010, Brad and Lloyd Green joined forces with ex-Pirates drummer Mike Roberts and vocalist Dean Walpole to form the Green Brothers.

This powerful combo blast out full throttle 70s R&B infused garage rock at a blistering pace, taking no prisoners. 

The band formed in honour of the Green brother’s father at his memorial service at the 100 Club.

Bass player Lloyd says: “We knew we wanted to do a musical tribute to him, because this was his whole career.

“We then though why should it all end? Let’s carry on, but we’re the next generation. Let’s play our own songs, but integrate the style of The Pirates.”

He asked Roberts to join the band after the pair of them had already played in several bands together, but they were still unsure as to who could be their guitarist and vocalist.

Lloyd said: “At the time, my brother had not really picked up the guitar at all, despite having a famous guitarist father.

“Many years ago when dad showed him chords on the guitar dad was really impressed with him. He said ‘he’s got it you know’. Despite that he didn’t pick the guitar up after that.”

Lloyd was shocked when he visited his brother and discovered him rocking out his dad’s tunes on the guitar.

Lloyd says: “I hadn’t even assumed he would be the guitarist [for the memorial concert].

“When I saw him it was like it was passed over in the genes. He was the obvious choice for the tribute concert. No one in the world can play the songs as close to dad as that.”

Walpole joined in 2011.

The band has played at the Eel Pie before, in the Artwood Tribute Night and Lloyd used to play with the Eel Pie All Stars when he was young.

Lloyd, 40, says: “I’ve got to play with (dad) all over the world in some amazing places, including the Eel Pie Club.

“We’re really excited and interested to be playing again at the club.”

The Essex man took up playing the bass when he was 18 years old and has been following his musical dream in many bands since.

He describes himself as a “semi-professional musician” and works as a marketing analyst “to pay the mortgage”.

The Green Brothers; The Eel Pie Club, The Patch, London Road, Twickenham, Wednesday, November 21. Doors open at 8.30pm and music starts at 9.15pm. Tickets are £10 cash on the door, or advance from

Five per cent of the profits from this gig will be donated to the Princess Alice Hospice, Esher.