At once a literary salon, a grand prix, a business conference and more, this year's Surbiton festival - rebranded The Surbo - will be bigger than ever.

The week-long festival will also offer cooking demonstrations by Kingston foodbank chefs, as well as musical performances at the Cornerhouse community theatre.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Penny Shelton takes a ride through the town. Image: Jon Sharman

Festival organiser Bob Noble said: "You've got all these businesses hidden away in Surbiton.

"These are people who work from their kitchens, their sheds, their homes.

"The idea is to get those home businesses out and get people to see what they do."

But he added: "The point of the festival isn't to make money. It's actually to put your hand up and say, 'I'm part of Surbiton.'"

The week's events are designed to appeal to all age groups, with poetry and writing workshops backed by the Regency bookshop, a Scalextric grand prix at the Holiday Inn and an evening of outdoor theatre at The Grove in Maple Road.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Last year's parade. Image: Jon Sharman

There will also be a networking event for small businesses - an informal affair where Powerpoint presentations will be banned.

Residents can bring home-grown food to St Andrew's Church to see chefs from Kingston foodbank turn it into thrifty dishes - and any leftovers will be distributed by the charity the following week.

Entries for the festival's photo competition, on the theme of My kinda town, are open until Tuesday, August 26.

The Surbo will run from Saturday, September 20, to Saturday, September 27.

Kingston police, following last week's cancellation of the Kingston Carnival, have reassured organisers there will be plenty of police officers available for the final festival day, which will see market stalls, music, dancing and the traditional parade through the town.