Looking for sweets on Ewell High Street? For a couple of years, the place to go was friendly, family-run Home Sweets Home, before its closing left customers disappointed.

That was until two full-time mums were inspired to resurrect it as café and sweet shop All Things Nice, which opened earlier this year.

A spiritual successor with the same ethos of warmth and community, it offers sweet and savoury food.

Inside, the shop bustles with colour and noise; bright, decorated walls, a counter of fluorescent sweets in jars, children playing with toys, and mums enjoying an afternoon chat over tea.

Its intrepid overseers Nicci Potts, 42, and Sara Dawson, 43, are determined to make a personal connection with their customers.

The duo knew the sweet shop's previous owners as well as its regulars as the spent so much time there.

When the chance came up to buy the shop they took a leap, putting Mrs Potts’ background in hospitality and Mrs Dawson’s experience of working with children into action.

The two mums did much of the renovation work themselves, pulling up floors, painting walls and getting bruises.

"This is our blood, sweat and tears, really," Mrs Dawson says. 

"We really want to be a part of the local community," Mrs Potts adds. "We want to add a bit of vibrancy to the village."

All Things Nice; High Street; Ewell Village; cal 0203 754 3873; visit www.allthingsnice-ewell.com