The circus is coming to town this week adding a new twist to your shopping experience. 

Performers from the Covent Garden Entertainment Company will be returning to Croydon with their own unique brand of showmanship.

The group will be holding a series of one day live events with the first one taking place this weekend.

There will also be a chance for aspiring circus performers to learn some new acts through a variety of workshops.

The event is being organised by the Croydon Business Improvement District (BID) and they are hoping it will bring in more punters to Croydon as well entertain shoppers.

Topping the bill is Betty Brown who is said to be one of the strongest ladies alive.

Betty snaps steal chains, tears up books and can even twist pieces of solid metal.

Acrobat and juggler Dave Chameleon will be making a return to the town centre with his daring one-man show.

When he was last in Croydon he balanced on a three metre high slack-rope while spinning a ball in his mouth and juggling large knives.

Herbie Treehead, a clown, comedian and musician, is a cult figure having played at the Glastonbury Festival.

His one man circus involves help from balls, balloons, battleships, a teapot and a pantomime horse.

Lastly acrobat clown duo Hazel and Tash will provide additional comedy touches to the day with some balloon sculpting, ladder balancing and uni-cycling.

Croydon BID chief executive Matthew Sims says: "We’re thrilled to be launching the first of our new Street Live events with such an impressive array of seasoned performers to entertain visitors and inject some extra fun into the Town Centre.

"This is the first of what we intend to be a regular series of events right across the year, offering a broad and varied mixture of entertainment that is designed to ensure there’s always a great atmosphere in the town that will leave people with a positive lasting impression."

Covent Garden Entertainers, North End, Croydon, April 12, 11am to 4pm, for more information go to