A lifelong Crystal Palace fan has written a new book which follows an Eagles fan during the club’s last period of administration in 2010.

The book, called Rattles and Rosettes, is due to be launched on April 25.

Steve Goddard, born in Croydon and educated at Selhurst Grammar School is now a freelance journalist having worked at the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post.

In the novel, Dan, 23, runs a 60s cover band called Born Too Late and often looks back nostalgically to a golden age of football and music he has never known.

He is disillusioned by Palace’s predicament and sets out on a one –man mission against modern football.

The story also follows Burnley fan Tom on the club’s famous 1914 FA Cup run and see him and his girlfriend travel to Crystal Palace, the venue of the final.

Eventually the two stories intertwine.

Goddard says: “'I got tired of waiting for Nick Hornby to write Fever Pitch 2, exposing post-Premiership football so I decided to have a go myself.

“Comparing the country prior to WWI with credit crunch Britain of 2010 seemed the most engaging way to do it.

“It also gave me an opportunity to research and interpret what might have happened on Christmas Day 1914 – and that famous match between England and Germany in No Man's Land.

“'It's designed to stir the passions of all of us, standing on whatever terrace who feel sold down the river by those in charge of our national game.”