Plenty of people would love to see a politician scrapping in the same ring as an evil Dark Lord.

That improbable dream will soon become reality when a roster of wrestle rumble at Fairfield Halls this weekend.

Dozens of fighters will take the stage when top British troupe LDN Wrestling call at Croydon on their tour.

Among the highlights will be British Heavyweight Champion Alan Lee Travis going head-to-head with infamous international man of mystery the Dark Lord in a falls-count-anywhere street fight.

Travis, 27, says: “It’s great to be back in Croydon, I’ve got a big match against Dark Lord. He’s vicious and doesn’t mind using weapons against his opponents. Difference is this time; I will be fighting back just as hard. I can’t wait to defend my title and rack up a win against the Dark Lord.”

There will also be a chaotic championship rumble in which 10 wrestlers enter the ring at a rate of two every minute and throw each other over the ropes until only one man is left standing.

Expect larger-than-life characters including politician Richard Parliament.

Farnham-based Travis adds: “It is live theatre and very much a family show with plenty of audience involvement. There’s Richard Parliament who says he happily takes all his expenses and the adults boo. Then he proclaims that he wants children to go to school seven days a week and it’s their turn to boo. It works on all levels.

“It’s all about fun, excitement and atmosphere. The children bring signs for their favourite wrestlers.”