Children are being called up to enlist in gladiator school.

Resident gladiators will show off their skills and teach participants about weaponry at Bourne Hall Museum Kids Club.

Museum club members will learn about the role of gladiators in Roman society and have a chance to put their new-found skills into practice.

Museum assistant David Brooks says: "Two gladiators are stopping off in Ewell on the way to the stadium in London.

"They are going to look for new recruits for gladiator school. They are going to go through the basics of training the children."

Mr Brooks compares gladiator fights to WWF wrestling today.

He says: "The gladiators were too expensive as a commodity to be killed like that in the arena. If they fought bravely they could earn their freedom."

But there was still bloodshed and he adds: "We ask the question was this the world’s most dangerous sport? I am sure it was if you lost!"

Gladiators; Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell; Wednesday April 9; 11am, 2pm; £5; call 020 8394 1734;