Quizzes are one of the great British pub traditions and they are having a resurgence, writes Andy Bloss.

There is nothing quite like a bit of trivia to sharpen the mind and if you add a pint or two to the mix then I think you have got yourself a good evening lined up.

Thankfully, pub quizzes tick both these boxes.

Pubs are funny old places and usually when I go into my local for a pint everyone is in their own groups, minding their own business.

The only time when everyone joins as one is when the quizmaster takes to the stand and the weekly pub quiz begins.

The truth is people love quizzes. Hence why programmes like Mastermind, University Challenge and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire are so popular.

More and more pubs are hosting quizzes now as they actually attract more punters than a bog standard pub night.

Stand up comedian Jim Daly has just set up a new pub quiz at the Streatham Waterfront pub, That Silly Quiz.

Hosted by himself and Miranda Dawe, the aim is to put more of a fun twist on the usual pub quiz.

He says: "The Waterfront were looking for something to do on a Sunday evening and Miranda and I are both stand up comedians and love being centre of attention so we suggested a quiz.

"We write it all ourselves so it's unlike any other quiz you might find at other pubs that are run by quiz companies so all follow a similar pattern.

"Plus we love taking suggestions for rounds from our punters so if you come along to one and let us know what you want to see it could be in the quiz two weeks later."

So what makes a good pub quiz? Daly says: "One of my favourite pub quizzes used to be at The Commercial in Herne Hill when I lived there a few years back.

"Mainly because the quiz master was a nice guy and would give us answers. I'm not so generous with our quiz but perhaps I am after a few gin and tonics.

I hate pub quizzes where the answers are too hard.

"We try to make our rounds at the very least guessable so you aren't completely stumped and can still have a stab.

"I think a pub quiz should also be wrapped up in a decent time and not drag on for ages, especially on a school night, so ours is all done by 9.30pm so people can get tucked up in bed for Monday morning."

That Silly Quiz, The Waterfront, Streatham High Rd, Sunday, February 23, 6.30pm, £1, £50 prize, go to facebook.com/WaterfrontQuiz for more information or follow them on Twitter @thatsillyquiz.