Finding a date for Valentine’s Day is a potential minefield but love doctor Hayley Quinn says it does not have to be like that.

The matchmaking expert has helped teach more than 100,000 men how to seduce women across the globe and now she is sharing her tips with Croydon Guardian readers – both men and women.

With any luck her advice will see you sharing a special moment with your beloved come February 14.


Date someone in your office

If you fancy someone who works in your office then Hayley says make them know how you feel but keep the date suggestion fairly casual.

She said: “You cannot expect the other person to choose you, you have to choose them.

“It will be okay to put it out there.

“Just say ‘It’s good chatting to you but it’s always in the office and I’m concentrating on my work so let’s catch up for a coffee some time.

“Keep it light and casual.

“Asking them for a coffee says what it is going to be and how long it will last and if it turns into dinner then great.

“You choose to be in the friend zone because you don’t want to communicate how you are feeling.

“It is better to get a feeling of where you are.”

Date the commuter you have had your eye on

And if the one you want is a stranger who gets on your train every day then be friendly and make sure you talk to them.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Hayley Quinn says it is okay to ask a colleague out for coffee.

The 27-year-old said: “You need to get good at getting the other person to trust you by speaking about yourself.

“Instead of saying ‘What stop are you getting off at?’ say ‘I can’t believe I have five stops to go before I get home to Croydon’.

“And even if feels like there’s no good reason, always ask for the phone number.

“Try something like ‘It’s been great chatting, let me grab your number.”

Pull in a pub

A trip to your local can end up better than you thought, if you follow Miss Quinn’s advice and say the truth.

She said: “The most effective line is ‘I just saw you and I had to come and say hi.

“If you can say ‘I saw you walking past in that red dress and I just had to say hi’ the woman would know you are talking to her specifically and not hitting on every woman in the bar.”

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Hayley Quinn says be friendly and let people know you want them.

And women should not be afraid to make the first move – literally.

Miss Quinn added: “Guys find it difficult to chat women up and if she thinks he’s looking at her and does not know why and he’s not coming over then it is best for her to walk over.

“If she is close to him then it is much easier to engage them in conversation.

“I really believe if you wait for them then you will be waiting a long time.”

Last year Hayley Quinn was single on Valentine’s Day but this year she will going out for dinner with her boyfriend and going on holiday to Bruges in Belgium.

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