A bartender is mixing it up with the best after his special cocktail made it to the final of TGI Friday's mixology competition.

Priyan Amin, 21, created the Sum 'Ah' Lovin cocktail which includes Bols brandy, Bols apricot brandy, Sourz Apple, Bombay Sapphire gin and cranberry juice.

The bartender is up against TGI workers from Manchester and Bath in the final, with the winning cocktail being chosen on (June 23 awaiting confirmation) Priyan, who is originally from South Carolina but now lives in Wallington, said: "I used to be chef at TGI Friday but I wanted to do something different so asked if I could be moved.

"They said if wanted to come to the bar and I haven't even been on the bar a year yet and I'm in this competition so that is good.

"I love creating things. That is why I loved to chef as I was always mixing stuff, seeing what tasted good and what didn't. It is similar with the cocktails."

He said: "I love to throw parties and I always used to make a big bucket of party juice or something so that is where the cocktail mixing came from.

"The aim was to find a cocktail that has a real good gin flavour to it as I love gin and people really go for it.

"A lot of people have enjoyed my cocktail. Some have said it tastes pretty damn good, which is great. They are always surprised when I say I am the one that made it.

"I just love making things that people love."